Thursday, 15 December 2011

Infamy at Christmas!

Welcome new followers Geordie and Norman!

What follows is a tale of infamy so appalling in its appallingness it will leave you all aghast and shaking your heads in disbelief....and just before Christmas too!

The club Christmas game was set to be a jolly affair, a few survivors desperately searching for car keys in an underground car-park full of zombies. The first player to find a set of keys, locate the car they fit and that could then drive that car out of the car-park would be the winner; and get a tin of 'Heroes' sweeties to boot! Who knew that such a bounty (different tin entirely) would cause friends to lose themselves and turn to the dark side of wargaming....stitching up your mates, leaving them stunned and imobile whilst surrounded by nasty zombies????

Well......all of us would obviously, we are gamers after all and a little odd at the best of times.....

Me - light coloured base with yellow stunned marker, surrounded by nasties and only narrowly missed by a swerving car!

My plan was to make my way towards the car-park exit, search the few not-yet-zombie bodies for keys, search for the right car at that end and thus need a shorter drive through less bodies to escape. Simple. My character was a 'Heavy', which I am told was pure chance and in no way meant to be a reference to my size, a character that was reasonably good at stunning zombies and quite hardy. My plan was good, I made my way a good way up the car-park whilst others floundered about and generally got in each others way. I found keys quickly and was making my way towards a few cars, minding my own business, when I was brutally...and with malice aforethought...attacked by a fellow character after my car keys!! I know! Alex had found a fire extinguisher and used it to keep me from escaping...then viciously attcked me leaving me stunned...both physically and emotionally...It was only the arrival of several zombies looking to take advantage of my static state that drove him off. Stunned as my character was, he was defenceless and before you could say 'Look out! there are several Zombies behind you...doesn't the one on the left look a little bit like Barry Washboard from when we were at school? I wonder what he is doing these days, I had a crush on his sister you know, even though she had that odd squint and only one ear.........', I was feasted upon!!

Me, with hat made by Alex...the smile masks my tears!
This caused no small amount of merriment as you could imagine, I was even made a hat with 'I'm a Zombie' written on it but, I would have the last laugh! I would be resurrected as a mega zombie and could have my revenge, once I had shaken off the stunned marker, obviously. All I needed to do was roll a 6 on one of two d6.....five bloody turns and not a single six! The best part of ninety minutes spent stuck in one place and letting everyone else come close to getting free and winning the game (like Millwall). By now, four players had found cars and were driving like maniacs for the exits, crashing through zombies, losing control and missing the exit ramp. At one point my mega zombie was in great danger of being run down by one of three cars all heading in my direction! I was only saved by one car crashing and Alex...YES ALEX...jumping into a car and casually reversing his way onto the exit ramp and heading for the win. The final insult was that I was asked to draw the tokens to see who went first in the last round...given my lack of movement and luck, and guess what? It was I that drew Alex's token first and allowed him to win with no impediment. Bugger.

This was, despite my understandable angst, a great game that everyone really enjoyed. It was fun and engaging, allowing everyone to get involved as a club. I must thank my good friend Clint for organising the game for us. He built the car-park, using a paste board table (brilliant), painted all of the figures and created the scenario all with a few weeks. I did have a lot of fun as I am sure you can all tell; Alex was a worthy winner in the finest traditions of the club.

For a less biased account of the game, take a look at Clint's own blog


  1. Great stuff. From the markers, looks like you were using the 7TV rules - funnily enough, our Christmas game is going to be using them as well, though with a Dr Who/James Bond theme rather than Zombies. I do want to get the 7TV Zombie rules when they are published in hardcopy in the new year.

    My wife has decided that I'm getting your Napoleonic naval rules for Christmas, so I won't get a peek for a week or so.


  2. Hi Norman,

    It was indeed the 7TV '7ombies' game. I think these rules offer something quite new and different for wargamers. Many rules set the game out for you, this one requires a fair bit of imagination and effort but the rewards are well worth that.

    As for the naval rules, cool! My daughter is buying me something wargamey this year, things are looking up. I would love to hear how you get on with the rules, good, bad or indifferent. I can take it!!

  3. A great take on the game. Been watching the Progress as this was built over at Clint's blog top stuff.

  4. Hi Brummie,

    Ah! so you seen this from both blog perspectives. So you can see that I am right and was a victim as oh well. fair enough.

    the terrain model is great. really simple but with so many possiblities.

  5. Sounds like a great game, I think Alex would have got a clip round the ear from me!!
    Nice hat!!

  6. Hi Ray,

    It was a great game and I forgive Alex as I am a good little boy and do not want to blot my copy book with the jolly fat man this close to the big day. My wife says I have a lot of ground to make up but I remain confident despite the many years of gift disapointment.

    I hate the hat. :)

  7. Hi AL Good unbias (cough, cough) write up. Yes you were robbed (cough, splutter) it was a travisty of justice (cough cough cough). Sorry mat not sure what's come over me keep choking on my words.

    As for Clipping Alex round the ear, I think there's a que.

  8. Hi Clint,

    You sound terrible, take it easy for a while and take a few hot lemony drinks and an asprin.

    It is great to know everyone agrees with me!