Monday, 27 February 2012

New wargames shop in Maidstone

One of my club members, good old Andy King, told me that a new wargames shop had opened in Maidstone. It is in the parade of shops that runs down the side of the Haslett theatre (16 Market Buildings, ME14 1HP) and is called, 'No Mans Land', 01622-753231. There is no email that I know of but I am told the website is underway.

I took a wander down that way on Friday during a shopping trip and can report that good things seem to be happening there. The large miniatures stock does tend towards the sci-fi and fantasy, which gives a rather grown up and mature 'Games Workshopy' feel to the place, but they do have Flames of War and a good range of paints and accessories, plenty of Army Painter sprays and dips! Will they begin to stock more historical ranges? Only time will tell of course but I am impressed with their drive and what they are doing and have every confidence that the shop will grow and evolve over time. Things are much easier these day when it comes to stocking figures, there are more regiment style boxes than ever before and plastic figures are so much more accessible. The guy I was talking to, sadly never asked his name, said he played Hail Caesar so there is an opening there I am sure. I would like to see some of the Warlord Games ranges there....although I doubt the wife or Mr Bank Manager would.

In stock at the moment are Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars, Flames of war, Dust Tactics, Games Workshop (10% off!), Mantic Games, Army Painter (sprays are £10), Coat d’Arms paint, brushes, terrain, War-Machine, Malifaux.....they even have games tables (that can be hired I believe) and painting stations. I can see me adding to my as yet upstarted Dystopian wars Prussian fleet if I ma not careful! Beautiful models.

As with all such businesses, if they are well supported and enough of their customers ask for things they will no doubt begin to stock them but, they do need our support. I for one will do my best to make regular visits and get my supplies there. What with this and the Rochester shop it seems that our part of Kent is starting to get some decent wargame resources. Take the time for a vist and chat to the guys down there, your time will be well spent.


  1. You can contact them on Facebook as well, here's a link:

  2. Hi Ray,

    Many thanks for the link, I shall have a look!