Sunday, 18 March 2012

A blog worth watching

Millwall Mark came across this talented guy on ebay and told me to have a look at what he does. We were both very impressed indeed and followed the thread to take us to his own blog site.

Paul designs and molds wargame buildings in a range of scales and sells them for sensible prices, he even does a whole street of buildings with roads! His river side and bridge model is brilliant, and the guy will even work to a commision.

I really think this is a blog worth watching, along with his ebay items; robertco100

I have invited him to attend Broadside as a trader, something he seems eager to do, so you will all be able to see his models for yourselves and pick up something that will grace your wargames table without damaging your pocket!


  1. Good call, he's a very talented chap!!

  2. Hi ray,

    I thought you would be impressed, he is a bit clever aint he. Looking forward to seeing him at Broadside. All I need now is for him to return his form!