Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wss French Regiment de D'Alberet

I have just finished another of my planned french Infantry regiments for my Marlburian project...thats four now!

This latest unit, the Regiment de d'Alberet, is part of Trecesson's brigade and also belongs to St Pierre's Division at Blenheim just as the last units do. Note the grey cuffs rather than the red of the previous units...there is not always a lot to tell between French Regiments it seems. The next two units needed to complete this second brigade will again have red cuffs but this time will have yellow tape around the hats not white; both battalions making up the Regiment de Robecque (Walloons). Whist we all know what we mean by the term 'Tricorn' it is actually the wrong word, this is more of a Victorian description. To those that wore them they were known as 'three cornered hats'...a boring but acurate fact that my mind seems to have and endless supply of.

The painting tray now holds the Marquis de Trecesson himself, eight gunners and two guns. The Marquis is now ready for the Army Painter dip, so nearly finished, but the gunners are all done ready for basing. However, the two guns are taking a while. The guns and crew are also by Wargames Factory and nice figures, just a little taller and thinner than the infantry figures. The guns look good with plenty of detail and deep wood grain features; these should really work well with the dip. I am now adding the black to the exposed metal work but it is taking time, especially around the wheels. I will post them and the brigadier as soon as they are complete, which shouldn't be too long now.

It seems that I am getting there with this project, plenty more to do of course but with one completed brigade and a second a couple of doesn't feel quite so daunting. And then I remember the box of Front Ranks figures and it all goes wobbly again......


  1. Another nice looking unit, keep plugging away Sir!

  2. At least you are getting you WSS stuff done, mine is just sitting in a box at the moment as I get side-tracked YET again. Good work on the troops.