Tuesday, 18 June 2013

War on Terror - the boargame!

Say it quietly, but I think things are almost back to normality...for a given value of normality of course; there are certainly a lot less chickens running about the place.

At our last meeting, just two days after Broadside, I was not in any state to play anything too complicated. I had spent the previous couple of days preparing the financial reports, bring and buy monies for club members and generally tieing up the loose ends, I needed something simple but fun to play.

Martin brought along his excellent 15mm ACW collection and half the attending club members played that. A good time was had by all, by the noises coming from that quarter, and a result was reached too. A good nights work by Martin although, he did say that whilst the rules (the ACW version of General de Brigade) were good he felt that Black Powder were better for club nights. The games flow faster and the rules generally simpler to follow for members. I think that was a fair comment, we are limited to three and a half hours and taking into account setting up/ packing away etc. Black Powder is very handy; it also gives a very good game too.

As for me, I ran a board game...War on Terror - the Boardgame!...A neat game that is not overly complicated but is a lot of fun; it can also be played through within our time limit.

For those not aware of the game, it is a bit like risk in that you have to take over the world on a very Risk-esque board. The difference is that you can build various sizes of town, hire terrorist groups, use an array of cards that let you steal, blow up and generally mug your opponents and, importantly, have a lot of fun stitching up your friends.

The cards are great and took a lot of thought to put together I am sure. They certainly make the game a unique experience! I was doing quite well, slowly building up a nice little empire-ette in Africa with some nice options for expansion into Europe and the near east when, without warning or provocation I was nuked! Richard played a handy nuke card into central Africa and the fall out affected every adjoining country!! I was all but wiped out in one go....sadness. This did cause a great deal of laughter and happiness everywhere else of course but that was me pretty much out of the game, I would find it nigh impossible to catch up with the others. The others continued to play some nasty cards against each other, buying new terrorist cells and blowing up each others towns with them, stealing their oil income and generally letting of some vindictive steam.

Richard and Mark quickly became the two front runners, each building new cities and taking over territory; the first to ten points would win. A city is worth one point and entire continents are worth several more depending upon size. As it turned out, Mark and Richard were neck and neck and either could win in a single well planed move...Mark snuck ahead with some fiendishly lucky card purchases and bought his way to victory. Git.

This game was just what I and a few others really needed, something fun and sociable without complexity. I would highly recommend this, fun for all the family!

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