Thursday, 8 August 2013

Club Open Day

We at the MHWC are to hold our second annual Open Day on Saturday 7th September.

Iwade Village Hall, Ferry Road, Iwade, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8RG

Come one, come all!!

Free entry, free parking, refreshments, the chance to meet the club...even a discount on new memberships taken out at the event!!!

Last years event - Seven Years War using Black Powder

As I am sure you are aware we are only a small club, no more than a dozen members on our books, and so running such an event is a little tricky. We run Broadside of course but a big show is actually a lot easier to run than a small open day; believe it or not. With a big show the members you have available are hovering around with various tasks and duties, one member can cover a lot of ground. With an open day, where the club will run a few demo/participation games (and one or two other stands) the membership numbers are stretched with each given a fairly specific task.

WRG 6th edition, a fun trip down memory lane at last years open day

This year we have three MHWC club games, an ancients bash using 'WRG 6th edition' (ah, memories), a WW2 clash using 'Rapid Fire' and a WW1 skirmish using 'To the Last Man'. Our good friends at the Maidstone Wargames Society will also be running a game and we have some extra features for good measure; a kiddies make and take table and even a small Bring and Buy area. This year we also have a trader, Dispatches Books.

Maidstone Wargames Society joined us and ran a great WW1 naval game set in Africa...a lot of fun!

I would like to run a SAGA game too but numbers will not allow us to run it, We can and probably will lay out a game as a display, allowing people to try it out if nothing else, but it would be nice if it could be played too......I don't suppose there are any readers out there that would fancy coming along and running that for us????? You would be very welcome. Let me know.

So please pass this on to as many gamers and non gamers as you can, we would really appreciate your help....and do not forget to come along yourselves too!!!!!

Operation Squad WW2.....always a good game for a strong discussion!


  1. Always nice to see a pic of Alex, or Phil or "Bunny" or Mark, when he is not in his bunny girl costume! The Millwall shirt with stockings and suspenders is NOT a good look! Still better than an Arsenal shirt!

  2. Might just be able to make it!!

  3. Hi Ray,

    We look forward to seeing you!!!