Wednesday, 9 October 2013

New Worms from MJ Figures!

As some of you are aware, I wrote a set of wargame rules to play a table top version of the old pc/playstation/xbox game, Worms. The rules were designed to be used alongside a great set of Worm figures designed and produced by MJ Figures. Mark, MR MJ himself, liked them and intends to make them available via his website as a download to support the figure range. These are not available on the site yet but I understand that Mark is also preparing some special board holders for the rules....theses are needed because the rules use a 25mm thick sheet of polystyrene (600mm x 400mm) placed on its edge. The game is played with the figures on the top edge of the board, which can be carved pre-game into an interesting shape. The beauty of this board is that as the worms dig tunnels or set of explosive sheep (so cool) the board gets chunks ripped off and so the playing surface changes throughout the game. Bloody messy of course but a great deal of fun. Keep a vacuum cleaner handy is my advice. The rule book can be downloaded from this site too via the Free Downloads page!

The figure range is 20mm and there are about a dozen or so different four worm teams to choose from, and some very cool and fun teams there are too. each set costs just £2.50, a real bargain. Now, however, Mark has decided to go large! He has recently released three sets of 28mm worm teams and he has sent me one of each which I am eager to show you all. These sell at £5.00 per team and will look great when painted.

The WW2 set - Hitler Worm, Mussolini Worm, Churchill Worm and Stalin Worm.

The American President set - Washington Worm, of them is Lincoln...erm....why not visit the site yourself and take a look? Well worth a visit anyway, some neat ranges both historical and odd :)

The Wild West set - Cowboy Worm, Cavalry Trooper Worm, Mexican Bandit worm, Indian Chief Worm

So there you go, something new and unusual to look out for. Why not download a copy of the rules and take a look...then go buy some worms!!!


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    1. Hi Simon,

      Aren't they just! Small range at the mo but I am sure Mark has plans. The 20mm range is neat too and well worth a are the rules of course...ahem-hem

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    1. Hi Fran,

      I thought they would appeal to you mate! I think the Indian Cheif is my favourite, can't wait to see what others Mark may have on the bench....take a lok at the rules too, very good but very messy game; whats not to like?