Sunday, 10 November 2013



       A roll of thunder..........

              A rain soaked night alive with lightning......

                       A howling wind tormenting the turrets of the obviously evil castle....

                                More crashing thunder and a lightning bolt that splits the very fabric of reality......

A surge of power bordering daemonic in intensity writhes through the incomprehensible workings of the damnable machine, dials spin, screens flash, restraining bolts scream; and then an eerie silence descends. The weary and soulless eyes of the operator, crazed by months of failure despite endless research and new experimentation, look up through the smoke at the now hated but curiously loved focus of his insane devotion. There is a delay, just a second or two, but for the near destroyed mind of the operator age passes age....and it appears! It is there, at last, alive and pulsing with a life born of anguish but so full of hope and potentiality that it towers beyond time and space. Yet all was so nearly lost, but for the change of that solitary line of code.........

It lives! 


The operator checks again, to be sure. There it is. Oh it may look weak and empty now but in time it will grow! It will need care...and understanding of course...but what is that compared to the future it beckons? Life may be a mere Bagatelle, but this? Oh, sweet child of manic and selfless devotion....Oh, sweet child of your peoples hopes and dreams.....of need and desperation....hear our prayers.....

"...please do not get hacked again..."

Bloody websites! Is it me or are they a total pain in the arse? Yet what would we do without them? The MHWC website was killed off, as you may remember, a few months before Broadside 2013. It caused us no end of grief and the help we received from those being paid to offer such help was negligible. In the end the only option left for us was to start again, not something that any of the membership was remotely experienced with. So, as any good chairman should, I took responsibility. I am good at that, when anything goes wrong at home it seems that the responsibility is mine...or at least that I was responsible which adds up to the same thing....apparently.

The new club website  


if you prefer a less snappy address to type, is now back. Ok, its not as full as it once was but I am working on that. I have two very basic pages in place and now an events calendar waiting to be filled in. The front page is a basic Welcome-Mat affair with the relevant info about who we are and what we do. The second page is for Broadside and this has several sub-pages being prepared to cover traders and clubs etc. Soon, I hope to have a links page for traders, the ever popular Polls will return (if I can remember how I got them the last time).

What would you like to see on the new website? I would love to hear from you all about what you think a wargame club website should run....what about what it shouldn't run? Come on Guys, get in touch and give us your ideas and thoughts.

Also, please pass it on that the website is back and that if anyone is interested in Broadside 2014 they now have a place to go!


  1. Has Mark been doing self portraits again?
    As for what I would like to see on the website is Deep and meaningful PRAISE for Spurs.
    No? How about what projects club members are working on, or what games are planned, or any club campaigns or maybe a shame list of which club members do the least in putting on games for the club. Or Maybe what terrain club members are currently making, or club competitions, Pictures of Mark as a Bunny Girl or Bunny as doing cosplay! (ok Reienactment as he calls it!)

  2. Hi Clint,
    I think this all boils down to look at what the club and members are doing? Works for me :) just got to get the buggers actually doing things!

  3. Ummm, are you sure it's fixed? just shows the old Broadside event page and won't load at all.

    Im always working on stuff so can flood a website with it........ problem is most stuff remains WIP as I get distracted by new toys.

  4. Hi Drew,
    Just checked them and they work from here, could you try refreshing the page for me and see what happens? It took mine a few goes to sort itself out....stupid computers!
    Amything you might jave is for the look, butterfly.....

  5. You're correct..... Stupid Computers.
    Can see new site now, prepare for WIP spammage...... (when the appropriate pages have been set up of course). See everyone tomorrow.

    1. Its not often people say that! If you send me word files and pics...not too large...I can build pages around them....famous last words!

  6. Hello,
    I have just moved to the area and would be interested in coming along. Could you let me know how much each meeting is and what I would need to bring along?

    I would have sent this through the new website but the "Email Us" link isn't working.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Sorry asbout the link, damn, it was all going too well!
      Membership is just £50.00 a year and can be paid in quarterly instalments of £12.50. You do not need to bring anything along and your first meeting is free. you do have to be over 18. I will no go and thump the damn site again...with a bigger stick this time!