Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January and beyond......

Ah January......I hate January :(

You can't really avoid it though can you? It sort of loiters there....waiting for you....

Anyway. Last night (28th) saw our last January meeting and I have to say it was a very positive one for the club. There were three games being played, the first a large 20mm WW2 using Rapid Fire run by Simon and Phil....

we ran out of club owned game mats and had to improvise...we need more game mats methinks....

...this was also played by a couple of new recruits to the club so steadily our numbers grow. We even had a flying visit by a potential new member, Mat, who popped by to introduce himself...all very positive! This was another of the well loved Germans and Russians bash that always looks good and causes a lot of in game discussion and fun.

Secondly, Drew and Andrew...neither to be confused with Andy...played Mordheim and actually managed several games over the evening, and a lot of fun they seem to have had too! The pyramid thingy was made by Drew who seems to have a thing for terrain making...useful lad. The idea was that the guys would play the game through to get some familiarity with the rules and then look to run an in club campaign. This sounds like a good idea to me, not too many figures involved and the games were quick allowing a lot of campaign moves in a night; they may be onto something here you know.

Thirdly, my Skaven warhammer army got another outing, this time against Steve's Chaos warriors....bulky dudes in very heavy armour...they have a weird array of god thingies that each unit can be associated with each with odd names...Gurgle, Sniffy and Lgbtg...or something like that anyway. A 2000 point bash was organised and I was somewhat concerned by the rather blocky nature of Steve's units...large numbers of very heavy stuff in a few blocks akin to battering rams that towered over my poor little innocent mousies. I needn't have worried overly, ably assisted by Andy the Skaven were victorious under my command!

Just take a look at Steve's 'stiffy' pile after just the first round! Ah, that heady mix of artillery and Jezzails!

That is a lot of points sitting there...providing a nice post battle picnic for my Skaven! The pile steadily grew but I would never be so crass as to add a pic of that here....mainly because that one didn't come out though...if I'm honest. Thanks honourary rat boy you!

So whats next for the MHWC? We aim to run  DBA campaign, starting in March I believe, so plenty of time to play a 'refresh our memory' game and get new armies painted before we start....I have an African Vandal army undercoated that has been sitting in a box for two years now...don't tell the wife though! Then of course there is the Mordheim campaign too, which looks very interesting. So, game wise, there is much to look forward to for the members. Then there are several shows coming up, Cavalier, Sidcup...and one we have just heard about in Dartford or possibly Gravesend in a shopping centre...worth looking into that.

And, who could forget, there is Broadside 2014. I am happy to report that a potential disaster has been avoided following the venue not letting us have the small hall anymore. We have consulted with the clubs that take part and they have agreed to take much smaller game tables than we usually offer, 6x5, so we can bring in the clubs and traders that are usually in that hall and place them in the main hall. It has all been a bit stressful and a there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to sort it out but, we are now very confident that things are back on an even keel. We have even managed to add in the wargamers flea market again! A fuller report later this week...I promise!


  1. Mordhiem might make a good campaign game for your club, but I would not expect all your members would take to it. Although most would. You can guess whom I am thinking of! DBA Campaign.... a re run of the same set up as before with any army except Hussite, or a little more focussed... Armies of the Europe of the Roman period perhaps.

    And all that unpainted on the table tsk tsk!

    1. Hi Clint,
      Yeah, I can see there being a divide through the club on that one too, but Mordheim looks interesting so lets see, my interest has been peaked!

      DBA, nope, anything thing you want. If the guys take to the idea we can alway focus more later but this at least gives them an easy start with no having to buy new stuff....although I have given myself a bit of a pig paint job wise! I wonder what colours an african Vandal army should have....not that I can see half of them anyway....

      As to unpainted stuff...yeah, I is only warhammer though so I suppose........

    2. If you need any figures for Mordheim let me know. I can field Rieksland, (any of the 3 human choices). Skaven (weak but fun) Chaos (Tough but no range weapons so reliant on getting in quick!). I did have a dwarf list as well and they were a very good option If you can find the list I would recommend them Good fighters, tough able to wear heavy armour. Able to take and dish out damage. So Good all rounders well worth considering. But Skaven are more fun though..

    3. Hi Clint, Okey Dokey, I shall keep that in mind. Many thanks for the kind offer...I had only just heard about the game so have no idea what so ever as to what is involved! More reading...and painting no doubt!

    4. I've got to admit, I do like making terrain....... the trick is getting the buggers finished (looks at multiple unfinished projects in boxes).

      I think if you play Warhammer you can play the Mordheim rules, they're super easy. Was a novelty getting a couple of games in one night, as opposed to having to assume the outcome. Was also nice only having to bring in 15 odd models.

      I had great fun even though I did lose all 3 games. Multiple low WS zombies don't last so long against anything else (even with Cause Fear). I personally think that we could've used more terrain as I like terrain and i think it would've added to the game.

      Re. a Campaign. I think if we have a couple more games in future meetings using different themes/settings. We could open these up to others then we can gauge reaction to the game and see if there's a preference on theme.
      The only thing is if it was turned into a campaign is keeping tabs on progression of the warbands as they gain experience.

      Last night we "used" a Lustrian/Jungle setting so he could use his Amazons but it could just as easily be set in Mordheim (lots of ruined Empire buildings), Marienburg (abit like Venice i.e. lots of canals + bridges), Araby (Desert), Sartosa (Pirate themed), Cathay (Far east), Abandoned Dwarven mines, basically anywhere.

    5. Hi Drew,
      ah...finishing move on from that I think! This all sounds very good and I am sure there will be plenty of people interested int giving it a go...three games in a meeting is good going and that will appeal, as will the low figure numbers needed. Look forward to seeing future games and would like to see some lists if any are about that can be emailed etc?

    6. You're in luck, the official Mordheim rulebook is available to download from the GW website as a PDF (about the only thing they do give away free nowadays).

      However I think I've got a spare book somewhere (may be abit dog-eared) that I could bring along if you wanted to borrow for a browse.

      I've also got shedloads of additional rules that where made by the old GW specialist games sections (so all official) and a load of play tested fan made stuff. I won't bamboozle you with everything but if there's something specific (warband/setting wise) you're interested in just ask and i'll see if I've got anything saved.

    7. My only real advice would be don't let anyone have TROLLS! They are hard enough to kill and as they have Regen as well, tend to be in every game. I found them Unbalancing. But that just be my experience.