Thursday, 17 April 2014

Maori Wars and why I hate me

A simple wargame discussion can get so out of hand. The shouting, the recriminations, the accusations, name calling...things thrown across the room; that once sacred boundary crossed......a relationship perhaps permanently destroyed. Some may consider it a tad disturbing that such unpleasantness occurred with me being the only person in the room. The Greek proverb, 'Know thyself' is all fair and well but what if it turns out that you are, in fact, a bit of a twat?

It all started with me thinking about wargames, as I often do in one form or another, and thinking about Donnybrook and Saga and Muskets and Tomahawks and Bolt Action and Wings of Glory WW1 and Hail Caesar and Black Powder and....well, you get the idea. The sad realisation dawned that I did indeed have a problem and one that affects so many of us wargamers....I am talking, of course, of OLABS or 'Oh Look, A Butterfly Syndrome'. Does the following sound a little familiar to you?

Mark: "Wow, Alan, your Marlburian French are coming along nicely. Many more to go"?
Alan: "Yeah, quite a few but I am really getting there now I ha.....oh cool, there are the new Donnybrook rules. I will go build a unit or two for them an......oh, hang on, I just need to go and buy some more Maoris...and some of these WW1 planes....and....."
Mark: "Oh for crying out loud...."
A Skaven Vermin Lord that I accidentally painted the other day. I have no idea.
I now have more projects underway than I have completed...ever. So, as terrible as the above row I had with me was, it did at least allow me to see a few things in a clearer light. I can now admit that I have a problem and that is the first step towards any form of recovery. After Salute I now have almost enough Empress Miniatures figures to complete my Maori Wars project; bar the odd command figure and perhaps four more Brits. The Wings of Glory stuff I picked up is actually self contained and needs no painting so will not affect much day to day so I can progress. My plan is simple and achievable, I will commit to running a Maori Wars game at a club meeting later this year.  
Here, in front of you all, I declare my intention to paint all of the figures I have and promise to run a Maori Wars game using Muskets & Tomahawks for several players on 
Tuesday 28th October 2014.

There. I have done it. I feel sort of ....odd, but actually very positive. I can do this. I shall use this blog to record my progress and my mental state....perhaps others will take comfort from my efforts.
A few figures completed previously, a few a quarter done...and a big box full of castings....deep breath....
So, what do I have to do in that time? Quite a bit. The Maori force consists of ten units of six warriors plus half a dozen chief/commanders. Six units are Braves with three officers, two are Blood Thirsty (increased attack but poorer shooting) plus an officer and two are Young Warriors with an officer. Then there is a force leader. This comes to some 618 points, or there abouts.
A few of the very nice Maori figures...notice how they are all looking at me in a funny way.....
The British force is made up of four units/sections of nine Imperial infantry plus three officers; forming a company. This is supported by two units of eight Provincial New Zealand troops with an officer and, last but by no means least, three units of five civilians/militia; settlers grouped together for safety during this uprising. This force comes to about 608 points, or there abouts.

This is quite a few 28mm figures to paint and no doubt other paint jobs may suddenly occur that need urgent attention but, I am confident. There, said it.


  1. Sometimes we need to set ourselves targets! This seems achievable, but I think the deadline a little distant. I think you could do it by the end of June. Thank seems like a much tighter deadline to me. As a consequence you will have to push for it more.

    1. Hello Clint,
      Sod off.
      Lots of love and good wishes,

  2. Ha Ha, there is no cure for the butterfly I have been trying to stop this for years and have given up the search. Reckon I would have better luck making a pilgrimage to find the Holy Grail that not being distracted by something shiny.

    1. Hello Andrew,
      I have tried to be good. At Salute I made a definate decision to not buy outside of what I already had....except the Wings of Glory WW1 stuff which doesnt need painting of course. I think I was very good and ignored the shiny. That I am broke and didnt have the cash helped though! I am now waiting for some bugger to wave a new shiny at me...but I must be strong.

  3. Funny, i was going to suggest and see if there was any interest in the club to run a "Pull your finger out" challenge.

    1. Hello Drew,
      I think that would be a good idea, I am sure there will be interest.