Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ashleigh Leofwinesdottir

It may come as a surprise to you all to learn that despite me being a anthropomorphic personification I have children, Ashleigh Leofwinesdottir and Anthony Leofwinesson. When they were both younger they used to dabble with wargames, shows, the odd board game, warhammer 40k, even DBA...they even had their own armies! But, as they got older, they turned away from the dark side...found 'normal' things to do, like boyfriends / girlfriends, driving licenses....

Then came Broadside 2012 and the Armourfast Make and Take a Tank table. As a small club we don't have the numbers to cover all of the event roles so we rely on friends and families to help us out. Ashleigh volunteered to help out at the Armourfast modelling table and exposed herself to a new dose of Dark Side! She really enjoyed helping the kiddies making their model tanks and has now got herself a pile of tanks and an odd reputation amongst her friends. She has really got into the whole model making thing, I suspect that painting tanks may well be on the radar too but I very much doubt that playing would ever be on the cards...the light side is strong in this one....

Ashleigh Leofwinesdottir (left) & Anthony Leofwinesson (right) helping the shows younger visitors

(Tuesday 3rd July additional :- Have been getting it in the neck from daughter about horrible picture! Apparently, it is awful and should be burnt as it makes her look geeky...or something. So I have added a second picture from the show that should keep everyone happy. I wont be removing the first picture of course, as a father I must not be seen to lose ground on my decisions even though I am reminded that she will be choosing any rest home I survive long enough to make it to.)

Ok, second attempt to be a good Dad and post a nice picture.

This is all good, its nice to see your children doing something positive with glue after all, but it gets better. This new found joy in modelling, and as a dad I can honestly say that we are well on the right side of young girls, modelling and plastic with this one, has interesting benefits. I have been dabbling with plastic figures myself recently and I have to say that I find them really annoying to clean up and put together, Ashleigh tells me that she loves it and would be pleased to put my Wargames Factory Marlburian figures together for me; how cool is that? I am seeing her in the next few days and will talk her through what I need and how they go together, I need to be really careful here as these particular figures come with so many helpful options confusion may reign....and I hate getting wet! Get it? reign, Please yourself.

Welcome to the lobby of the dark side my yourself to cookies and plastic cement :)


  1. I'll send round my Gripping Beast plastic Vikings then shall I?????

    1. Hi Ray,

      That's a thought....I could make some money out of this! Who knew kids could be so useful?

  2. Ha good one Alan! I have to say I might be doing some d&d with some of my Wycombe friends as well as a pokemon version of d&d lol!

    1. Hi Ollie,

      D&D eh? Haven't done that for a while. Its a start, thin end of the dark side wedge....soon have you playing DBA, Operation Squad and Saga!