Friday, 28 September 2012

A boost for the club

Following our open day I posted that we had five separate visitors that expressed an interest in becoming members; I was quite pleased with that. The real issue, of course, is how many would actually become members?

We had our first post open day club meeting on Tuesday and two of these interested visitors came along, a husband and wife team no less! They are to bring along some 15mm ancients to the next meeting and want to try Hail Caesar, so far so good. They have been given membership forms so lets wait and see.

Once I got home there was an answer phone message from a third of our visitors. He was apologising for not being able to make it to the meeting that night but assuring me he would be at the next, fantastic news! He asked for a chat but failed to leave a contact number and there was a second call after his so I couldn't check either.

We have no membership forms or fees yet but this does look positive, and not bad for one simple open day....we didn't get this much interest from Broadside!!