Monday, 17 September 2012

MHWC Open Day

The Mayor of Swale and two of our younger visitors making the Armourfast tanks

Well, that wasn't so bad. We have now had our first Open Day (as opposed to Broadside Show) and I have to say that it was pretty successful........ok, apart from one of our guest clubs not turning up and one or two other cancellations.....but, apart from those it was pretty successful.

We had no idea how much interest we would generate, it was a simple club event after all and aimed at the local general public as much as other wargamers. We had advertised at the Military Odyssey show, magazines and a myriad of poster and flyer spots wherever we could put them. We had some 23 visitors through the door, not many, but all were interested and brought something to the party, so to speak. The local Mayor spent over an hour with us and spoke to everyone; she had never come across wargaming before but left impressed (her words) with the knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm of all involved. Can't argue with that.

The press arrived and took a lot of the usual stand there, you there...someone point at something...and all smile! I also received a phone call from the editor today who wanted some background about the club for a larger article; now that can't be bad. We even had the local WI (Hi Val! Great cakes!!!) help us out by running the refreshments, a very handy relationship and one we will call on again whilst also offering our services to them to support one of their events.

Armourfast very kindly provided us with some kits for a kiddies make and take area, this proved very popular with even Grandma's helping out...and one or two yummy mummies too....although I didn't really notice and could not, therefore, comment further.

Fun for all the family!!

But, now down to the important bit....what will the club get out of it? Actually, possibly five new members.........yes! FIVE possible new members. I say possible because until they come back and pay their membership that is exactly what they are. But, in all honesty, I can see us getting three out of the five. Two of those are a married couple that moved to the area from Tonbridge and miss playing. Another was really into the ancient game we ran and who we may have converted into a Hail Caesar player! I have high hopes but the irony of such success for such little hassle compared to running Broadside is not lost on me. Two huge shows with a third set of June 9th 2013 (hint) have netted us one new member (Hi Clive) but Broadside is not all about gaining members, it is more to do with bringing a show to our own doorsteps...even though I don't get time to actually buy anything!

Club member Martin ran a Black Powder SYW game with some very nice 15mm figures!

Would we run an Open Day again, most definitely yes. I think most clubs could get something out of such an event no matter how small. We ran three games and a make and take table whilst our good friends the Maidstone Wargames Society ran a game as our guests...and we were helped buy the WI of course. Not a big event by any means but a great shop window for us and our hobby,


  1. Sounds like it went really well, shame we couldn't make it, hopefully we'll make the next one.

    1. Hi Ray,

      you and the posties are always welcome at any time!

  2. Glad it went well, we did think of you as we sat in work!

    1. Hi Angry,

      Awww, what a nice bloke! I am at Skirmish this weekend, perhaps we can catch up?