Sunday, 21 July 2013

40K Necron Warriors

I know, I know.....don't hear from me in weeks and two posts turn up in as many days.

I am not a big fan of warhammer stuff but my kids dabbled when they were younger and now my young Nephew has been introduced to 40K by a teacher at his school in Nairobi, Kenya. The club will start properly in the new school year in a couple of months but he did enjoy his first go.

Being a nice uncle I decided to help young Luke out and start his collection off. I bought him a box of figures (got a great 25% off deal from Andrea at Nickel Books) and painted them up so could have a good start. That way, all he needed to do was turn up with his unit and join in.

The idea is this, if Luke enjoys his games and would like to take things further then great; I can help get him started and offer encouragement and advice etc. His poor mum was a bit freaked when I told her what the hobby could eventually turn into and some of the costs involved but, I also balanced this with the positives...reading skills, maths, quiet painting time and social connectivity...and look how well I turned out! Of course that last bit didn't quite help as much.

To continue my helpfulness I have also made a point of saying to Luke that he does not have to get involved in the hobby at all. If after a few games he decides that this isn't for him after all then no problem. The whole idea was for him to try something new and there is no pressure. If he likes it, great; we can build from there. If he doesn't, equally as great; he tried and experienced something and can now move on. I do try and be a good uncle and offer support, guidance and Chinese knuckle haircuts where possible. I will also draw on his face with a felt tip whenever I find him asleep never did my kids any harm and at least reminded them who was in charge no matter how clever they thought they were.


  1. A very nice gesture. The kind of things an uncle should do.... either that or encourage him to play the drums.

    1. Hi Clint,

      I taught him to shout 'Butscratcher!' in a loud and annoying voice...and that farts are funny. He should go far that boy ;)

  2. What a good Uncle you are!!!!!

    1. Hi Ray,

      Awww, your making me blush! Whats the point of being an uncle if you cant teach them cool stuff to annoy their parents :)