Monday, 29 July 2013

Testers needed

Could you be a super-secret game tester for me?

I have designed a game for the MHWC members to play during our Christmas meeting. We usually play one game as a club that will provide a winner who gets a prize...bit of a crimbletide tradition...but I need it to remain a surprise for them until the meeting itself; hence my need for non club members to test it.

The game isn't going to be published commercially, it will end up here as a free download once it has been played at the club, but I would like it to be tested by other games to make sure that it, A - actually works, B - is actually fun, and C- that the few game tools I have designed for it are fit for purpose.

The game can be sent as an email attachment and will need to be printed off. The rules are just a few pages long but there are a number of cards to be cut out too, all very important to the game. It will be sent as a couple of PDF files.

If you think you can help, please get in touch, Let me know if you would like more info before hand too. I would also ask that it does not appear on any of your own blogs yet either....not saying it would of course!

Thanks in advance

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