Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Open Day nearly here!!!!

Our club open day is just days away!

Saturday 7th September, 10am to 5pm. Iwade Village Hall, Ferry Road, Iwade, ME9 8RG

There is a lot of rushing about behind the scenes, game details being finalised with the odd figure being painted up to complete the last units, food being prepared, local press being contacted......I am even to be interviewed by local radio station Swale FM to help spread the word. I have done a few radio interviews before, usually in relation to my work in Local History and Heritage, and they can be very helpful. You never know who is listening and when you are a club looking for new members such an opportunity is too good to miss. If you happen to be about around 11.30 to midday on Thursday 5th September why not tune in (you can listen on line too) and see what a twat I sound like...or how much rubbish I can gibber on about; should be a laugh and break up your day if nothing else :)

We are hoping for a good number of visitors this year too. We advertised the event on the back of the Broadside 2014 flyers and spent an age pushing local press. We have some visitors coming all the way from Suffolk! I have emailed all the regional clubs and interested parties...even had my hair cut...what more can an anthropomorphic personification do?

As a club we will be running three games, a WRG 6th edition Ancients bash, A Rapid Fire WW2 game based around the actions in the Falaise Gap and a WW1 skirmish using 'To the Last man' rules. Our great mates at the Maidstone Wargames Society will be running a couple of different Sci-Fi games and we will have a trader, small club bring and buy, great refreshments with not just cakes (although their will be cakes so do not panic), parking, a kiddies 'Make and Take an Armourfast Tank' table.

We invite you all to come along if you can and say hi, perhaps join in with a game or two?

Failing that, just listen to me on the radio and see what a mess I can make of things!

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