Thursday, 5 September 2013

Skaven Rat Ogres

Oh, dear reader. I have wandered from the one true path and muddied my feet in the evil, stinky pond that is Warhammer :(

No, I do not know how it has happened. I was minding my own business one sunny afternoon without a care in the world when BAM!
'What the hell was that'? I said.  
You are now the proud owner of some warhammer figures, said a disembodied voice from the middle distance.
'Bloody hell', I said, 'how did that happen?'
All rather too quickly....Mr Fantasy Boy!
Nooooooooooooooooo, I cried.....but it was true. I was now a Fantasy Head....oh the shame.....and I had been so careful too; always washed my hands after talking to a warhammer player and everything.

It seems that I now play Skaven, a warhammer race of rat people....lots of violent psychosis
and cute twitchy noses. Annoyingly, this army is made up of lots of small fairly weak rat people so you need loads of the bloody things to make an army.....and me with all those nice Maori War figures just screaming to be painted too. But, given the club open day is approaching, I wanted to have a few to use in a display. I have now painted up a unit of Skaven Rat Ogres, mutant, bio-engineered, giant, junkie rat things. I used my usual methods, block painting with a judicious coat of Strong Tone Army Painter; although some areas of the figures depicting fur were given highlights prior to the application of the dip.

I think they have come out really well given fantasy is really not in my comfort zone at all. Once again the dip has been key, it created good shading, depth to the main colours and actually worked really well on the areas I had highlighted with dry brushing. I love the effect the dip has given to the are of bandages/tape on some of the figures. The main colour is GW Komando Khaki simply blocked in, the dip has done the rest. I am not quite so concerned about painting the smaller rat things now, it seems my technique will work well on them too.


  1. I must say these are rather good!

  2. Hi Clint,

    Thanks mate :) I feel a lot more confident in painting the rest now I have completed these.

  3. They looks splendid, I'm sure the smaller Rats and such will be quite easy with this technique. Just need something to break up the monotony of painting loads of the same figures. Hmmm let me see those Maori perhaps?

  4. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the compliment :) Ah the Maori figures, I so want to get them sorted...and more have arrived but I will tell you all about that on my next post....

  5. Fecking stunning work, some of your best Alan.

    1. Hi Francis,

      Wow, many thanks :) I cannot take all the credit, the dip is the real star...ok 50/50...maybe 60/40 :)