Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Army Painter stuff

This mornings shopping trip to Maidstone allowed me to top up on paint supplies (my wife allowed me to top up my paint supplies whilst out shopping). Games Workshop have had a major revamp of their paint ranges and I knew that 'No Mans Land' still had some of the older pots on special :-) I am a big fan pc their elf flesh for skin tone and bubonic brown for the nelts and straps on my WSS figures.

Whilst there I noticed a new display of Army Painter paints in the Vallejo style bottles rather than the sprays, some of these were previously available but only as expensive multi sets. Now you can get the spray colours and many others as good old fashioned paints for a reasonable £2.00 each. However, my eye was taken by the paint versions of the Army Painter dips and Anti Shine varnish...... fantastic! The dips appear to be acrylic versions but with the same depth and shade of colour; as for the varnish..... Could this be the answer to so many of our prayers....a truly matt varnish that will provide the same great finish as the spray but without the smell and other issues such as blistering or frosting? No idea yet but I am itching to try it. I have three Wargames Factory WSS figures finished using the dark tone oil dip and spray anti shine spray, and they look good even if I say so myself. I shall now finish three more using the new paint versions and post tbe results here for you to decide.
Isn't progress great :-)
I wonder if I will be so positive later?????


  1. Hmm???? I look forward to the answer.......fingers crossed!!!!!

    1. you and me both!!! I am crossing everything just to be on the safe side :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Angry, I am aiming to get the next three test figures done and posted here by the weekend. The three figures are almost finished but I like to give them a day or so to cure before I apply any dip, I find it stains rather than covers otherwise...if that makes sense?