Wednesday, 30 May 2012

More WSS units, the Brits this time...

Given the positive feedback from my blog followers about my first French unit for the War of the Spanish Succession I thought I would show you a British unit I finished a while ago.

This is a Front Rank set using Maverick Models cloth flags. Again, the unit is simply base coat painted with blocks of colour but coated with strong tone army painter dip; the brown one rather than the black one.

The unit was built using the Front Rank battalion pack with twenty four figures. I then added a mounted colonel, cos I like the look of it in a large 28mm unit. The four figures in the foreground, and the large size of the unit, all show that this was not made to be used with the 'beneath the Lily Banners 2' rules I have been working to recently. This unit was from the days when I intended to use Black Powder rules and thus the unit was given three dead casualty figures and a wounded one. The three dead are the casualty markers needed in the rules to show a unit that had reached its Stamina Level (In Black Powder you add casualty figures rather than remove them from the unit, meaning your army stays looking brilliant, after all the bloody hard work in painting the damn thing, for longer) The wounded figure is used to show the unit has become Disrupted. I have painted these extra figures to match the unit perfectly and intended to do the same for every unit and hang the cost and time etc etc.

The trouble I now have, changing the rule set I intend to use for these armies as I have, is that the unit is too big and would need to be re-based. I dread to think what damage this might do to the figures and so have decided to sell this unit and start again, still using Front Rank figures for the Brits and Allies obviously. The beauty is that I can still use Black Powder rules with units based to BLB2 as and when the mood and/or time allows/dictates; I just can't really do it the other way around.

I think Front Rank figures offer the best value for money when it comes to metal figures, fantastic work by Alec Brown, the sculptor and owner of Front Rank, and so clean too; hardly any cleaning beforehand....unlike some of the other big (and far more expensive) manufacturers I could mention.

Would you like to see some Front Rank guns too?

I am selling these too. The base sizes are too large and the figures shouldn't have blue coats I am sure.....and I am not too happy with the way the dip has worked on the guns here. These were actually dipped and shaken and played a major role in my need for physiotherapy on my shoulder as a consequence.

I am putting them and the infantry unit on ebay Thursday evening. The cash will go to replacing these units and buying more of them. Yes, it would be cheaper to just do both armies in Wargames Factory figures but I just love Front Rank. It was these figures that got me into the period in the first place after all.

Anyone interested in them can give me a shout before Thursday evening or just keep an eye on ebay. I will be sorry to see them go of course, I have put a lot of time and effort into them and I think (although do admit to some degree of bias) that they look great, some of the best things I have ever done in fact.

I blame a certain Mr Rousell you know, fancy blogging about a different set of rules to those I was using! What was he thinking? We shall have to have words methinks....over a London Cheesecake, obviously; standards must be maintained. I wonder if I could attract any commissions ..... and how many London Cheesecakes could I charge????


  1. Moi???
    English artillerymen did wear red coats with blue cuffs up until 1716, but I believe your figures ar infact Dutch artillerymen blue coats with red cuffs, aren't they?
    I lurv cheescake!

    1. Hi Ray,

      Vous indeed! As for the artillery colours....lets say yes they are Dutch! They were meant to be Brits but I clearly had some form of brain freeze at the time so now they are Dutch. Well done for spotting that for me :)

      As for cheesecake, do you mean cheesecake 'biscuit base with that creamy stuff' or proper London Cheescake with the flakey pastry and hairy coconut on the top? Massive difference. I would eat the first kind of cheesecake but I would be thinking about the second kind whilst doing it. A bit like sleeping with Wilma Flintstone, you would but you would be thinking about Betty Rubble......or is that just me?