Friday, 1 June 2012

The Battle of Saarbruck, by Archibald Forbes

The Battle of Saarsbruck, Battles of the Nineteenth Century Vol. 1.,  (Cassell, London: 1896) p.22 to 26

This is a test run really. I am trying to see if I can post battle histories from the afore mentioned book, 'Battles of the Nineteenth Century'. I have photographed the pages for this particular battle, chosen because it is only a few pages long, to see how well the idea works and the pages can be read.

I would really like your feedback on this trial, has it worked, what was right or wrong etc etc etc. Once I have got it right I will post a list of the battles in each of the volumes as well as post random battles from time to time.

Right, here we go!


  1. It comes out quite clearly. It is readable should the subject interest you. (Franco Prussian war not my cup of tea). You have managed to get the angle of the writing consistant. All in all good job.

    1. Hi Clint, Many thanks. I think the flash is causing an issue here and there but the idea seems sound. I will post a list of the battles and see what people would want published.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Ray, many thanks. I suppose I had better start posting the battle list now then. :)