Thursday, 7 June 2012

Victoria Concordia Crescit

Today is the day!!!

The new Arsenal home shirt has been released.....and here it is!!

Isn't it great!

I am happy to say that the shop wasn't displaying many other team shirts today, why would they?

However, I often have to speak to store managers about a very sensitive subject, the selling and displaying of a certain other team shirt. we all know that Tottenham (actually an anagram of 'whats that &%*£ing smell') exists but like animal porn we choose to ignore it as the social and moral hole that it is. Given this, I was surprised and dismayed to note that shops had this so called teams shirt on open display...where even children could see them!! I know, disgraceful. On one occasion they were even right next to the Arsenal shirts....the sleeve of one actually brushing against a medium sized away shirt for the 2011/12 season; can you imagine such horror? Obviously I moved the Arsenal shirts away as best I could and immediately drew the attention of this appalling situation to the manager. I have to say that he was not that helpful, didn't seem to care that his staff were so poorly trained and careless with the shops image. So I photographed this terrible thing and sent it, along with a long email, to the stores head office. I expect a reply and a heartfelt thank you for bringing this matter to their attention. It has been a few weeks but they are busy and no doubt the internal enquiry into how this happened is taking time; as it should. I will let you know the out come as soon as they get back to me.

So, be aware the next time you take your children to certain sports shops, you may want to scout it out first.  


  1. I hope there were some Leeds shirts in the shop too!!!

    1. Hello Ray, sorry mate but this was a sports shop. I think I did see something leedsish in Dunelm Mill once....although it may just have been a table cloth or one of those special plastic sheets kiddies use to save staining their matresses. :)

      It could have been worse, you could have said Millwall!!!

  2. Well said but you're all quite mad!

    1. Hi Angry,

      What can I say? Gunner be a gooner!!!!!!