Saturday, 9 June 2012

Broadside 2012 just a day away!!!!

First of all I would like to welcome my latest follower, Wardy-La!

As the title says, Broadside 2012 is just a day away now, it really does not seem like a year since the first Broadside. This year is even bigger with loads of games being played by both clubs and traders. We offer traders games tables so that they can better advertise their newest rules or figures and this is proving to be a popular move for both traders and the public. It means that we have more than twenty games being played this year creating a brilliant spectacle.

We also get a lot of good feedback about the way we distribute the games amongst the traders, rather than separating them out; but why separate them? It makes much more sense to integrate all aspects of the show where possible. This year we have the same two hall system but have added a third area for our flea market style bring and buy. Now we have no idea whether this will work, it really is a shot in the dark but given the number of members we have it is the only way we can provide such a feature. We are lucky that despite our low numbers we are so well supported by wives and friends. Both the show entrances, the Wyvern Hall entrance in Central Avenue and the leisure centre entrance through the car park, are run by wives, friends and other family members. Even my daughter, Ashleigh, is coming along to help with the kiddies make and take a tank table all the way from High Wycombe. My good friend, Ginny (and no wargamer is she) is coming to help us set up on Sunday and is staying to help with the club information stand! For such a small club we must be doing something right!

Alas, we have lost two members for the day. One has had a terrible accident at home and severely injured an already damaged knee. He will be out of action for months following a major operation yesterday. His father, the other member we will lose, is staying home to help him and his young family. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Steve a full and rapid recovery.

I am very pleased to report that the main sports hall has had its terrible sodium lighting replaced too, now you can see what you are looking at in natural colours! No going home and spending hours getting your colour sight back this year!!

If you are coming along to Broadside please stop and say hello if you see me, I will be the overweight but still highly attractive looking harassed bloke with glasses. Pen & Sword books, our show sponsor, will be running a Napoleonic naval game using my own recently published rules, Blood, Bilge and Iron Balls. Take a look and let me know what you think. You can join in with this game I understand and buy a copy too. I would be happy to ruin your book by signing too should the mood take you.

Henry Hyde of Battlegames Magazine will be at the show and helping Pen & Sword judge the Best Game in Show award...£100 in books and a small trophy for the winners! And Guy Bowers of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine will be there too, I am sure that both of these august gentlemen would love to meet you and hear how great Broadside is...hint hint!!

All we need now is plenty of visitors so tell all your friends...hell, even shout it out in the streets if you have too and drag people in! we are a very new show and so we do not expect the massive numbers of the more established events just yet but the more the merrier! Entry is just £3.00 and wives and children under 16 get in free with a paying adult...and a free Armourfast tank for your children too (your CHILDREN!!). We have also placed seating areas for the tired and weary along with colouring pencils and specially designed 'Leofwine Wargamerson' paper for the younger visitors.

One last thing. Broadside 2013 is now being planned! The hall has been booked already for Sunday 9th June so add us to your diaries.

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