Friday, 13 April 2012

The danger of reading other peoples blogs

I, like most wargamers, made a pact with myself regarding new projects. I would not start something until I finished something.... Or at least made some headway. I have boxes of plastic hoplites and support troops still unopened, a pile of front rank marlburians (and some plastic ones too), a division of adler 6mm napoleonic french, pirates..... Well, you get the idea. Then I started reading other peoples blogs......... I was doing so well too.

It started with Posties Reject, Ray, and his wonderful battle reports of games using 'Beneath the Lily Banners', I have now scrapped my marlburian plans for Black Powder and reorganizing...and saving up for a set of the rules - £27.00, thats a full four unit brigade of plastic figures! This though, is merely a minor inconvenience when compared to the blog 'Hurry up and Wait', written by a Falklands war enthusiast. I have always had a leaning towards wargaming this conflict and this leaning has been turned into a full blown tilt. I found myself locating books and trawling the web for decent 28mm figures and equipment with that terrible vim and vigour known only to wargamers and crack addicts; A pact to control my wargaming??? Sorry mate, dont know anything about one of those, never mind, come a have a look at these Royal Marine figures....bring your wallet. Oh, and let me take that soul for you, you wont be needing that will you! 

Its all so very sad but also so very predictable.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Eight weeks and two and a half days to go!

Broadside is now ready to go, all bar the shouting anyway.

We have this week accepted our final trader and we now have three clubs on our waiting list! The only space we have left is in our Wargamers Flea Market, which has ten five foot round tables organised into two sessions, morning and afternoon. We have no idea if this system of bring and buy will work but, given the number of members we have to run the show and the problems of theft etc., it seemed a good idea. Broadside is nothing if not a steep learning curve and will see how things work out and deal with them accordingly for next year; which will be on 9th June 2013 btw. We think this system will also work well for the clubs at the show, lets wait and see. If any reader wants to take a table, let us know ASAP.

The organisation of the event is involved and not exactly cheap. We make use of every rectangular table at the venue, more than eighty, and have to hire in another eighty at no small cost. Add to this the cost of the venue itself, insurance, magazine adverts, flyers, postage, program printing and a hatful of other expenses that crop up all over the place and it is easy to see how new shows can take years to break even financially. We try to balance giving the all important traders a good deal to ensure their interest knowing that good traders attract the paying public...who we also charge a small entrance fee to encourage them to visit the traders...its all very chicken and egg. The trick is to organise the timing of income and expenditure as far as possible to ease the way. Don't run away with the idea that show organising clubs earn well out of these events even after a few years of running, it can all be very tight year on year. Then, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, the tax man is always there too.

So why do we do it? Part of it is down to the fact that we can get a show that is local to us, on our doorstep as it were. Part of it, if I am honest, is also to show off the Milton Hundred Wargames Club and attract new members. Yes, it is a long term plan and definitely not a get rich quick scheme....or evidence of my personal degree of bloody mindedness....It can also be bloody hard work and not a little frustrating, the Internet and its communication revolution just means that you can get headaches quicker as emails get lost a lot quicker than a physical letter!

So now the show is within sniffing distance. Our website has a full list of the traders and clubs attending and soon there will be hall plans to show you where everything will be. We have had a mention in Miniature Wargames along with a quarter page advert in the latest issue and a few forums and trader websites have us listed. More adverts are due in the run up to the event but we need to get the word out there to ensure Broadside can continue and grow....although not by too much as we have already reached full capacity for the venue!! Not bad for a show that has not even held its second event yet. We have scoured the area for larger venues but there is nothing even close so, if we can't get bigger we will just have to get better! We have asked the venue to drain the swimming pool for the day but, unbelievably, they have said no! I know, amazing. We did ask whether we could use the kiddies pool for remote control boats but, you've guessed it, they said no.

I look forward to seeing all my blog readers at Broadside, come over and say hi! Remember, it is closer than you think....10th June....still time to save those pennies.