Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Stuff...worth a look!

I have had an odd few days, ticking along, minding my own business, and then I was hit by not just one, not two...not even three but FOUR cool new wargamey things all at once! Each alone is worthy of comment but I think they are all worth sharing with you. Take a look for yourselves and see what I mean.....

A Sheerness based trader - I know...who knew! I have spoken to him...his name is Steven and he actually exists...really! He has a website, although he took pains to say that this was a work in progress, that is very promising...he is even stocking Vallejo paint!! But it gets better...I have invited him along to the club where he will eventually bring along some stock for members to buy...especially the paint... take a look at http://wargamesolutions.com/

 Polly Oliver Castings - Remember them? The produced some very nice 15mm AWI figures back in the 1990's but closed in 1999.

The Polly Oliver 6lb gun and crew....nice

Well, they have been bought out and are soon to return to the wargame world! They have a website that is currently under construction and a new blog that promises to be useful. Plans are afoot it seems to add to the range but also to stock supporting items such as an extensive range of quality flags; their words....well, I say 'their', the company seems to be fronted by an enigmatic character call Polly Oliver...the lady herself perhaps? She writes the blog and answers the emails with a very personal touch. Something worth watching I think as Polly seems to have some definite plans! She has asked me to pass on details of the blog and encourage people to follow....and I never refuse a lady....so go take a look. www.pollyoliver.co.uk & http://meetpollyoliver.blogspot.co.uk/

Cool looking game mats - I actually fell over this company whilst looking on the web for something quite unrelated, but I am so glad that I did! look at this...

Neat eh? As their name, Space Mats & Battle Mats, suggests they produce space mats, several different ones, a sea mat and land mats. They are printed onto PVC it seems so are easy to clean and to store...just roll them up! I have invited the owner, Chris, to Broadside, we can only hope :) Chris also says he can make bespoke mats, oh the possibilities. The mats come in a variety of sizes up to 6 x 4 but he seems very flexible and customer related. Take a look at his site https://www.facebook.com/battlemats

Donnybrook: A new set of rules - Damn it! Like I need another bloody distraction!!!!! The League of Augsburg guys have brought out a new set of ostensibly late 17th C. skirmish rules.

They seem to run to the recent popular rule system of one point buying a fixed number of troops, from larger numbers of poor quality troops to small numbers of great ones; bit like Saga. I am told that they will work with almost any period and are gaining widespread interest very quickly. Now you just know where this is going, don't you? The trouble is that I do not think the current range of figures suits such rules, they tend to be a tad 'regimented' in pose, needing a rather looser, skirmishy look. I need to get a set and read them through to see just what is actually needed. This might be just the way I can deal with my worrying 'need' for something late 17th C. without going nuts.....who is with me? .....I can't hear youuuuuu........hello?