Saturday, 8 November 2014

Tor Gaming - Relics!

You may remember I had a dalliance with Warhammer a while ago...started building a Skaven army and everything....then simply fell out of love with it all.....well, I say love...more of a passing fancy perhaps....anyway, I have put that all behind me.

However, I have not entirely lost my 'thing' for the fantasy/sci-fi side of things. I stumbled across a game that called it self Stitchpunk, as opposed to steampunk of course, by a company called Tor Gaming. I was drawn by the figure sculpts as much as anything else, my love of tricorns teased by the addition of what can only be called sock-puppets....I know.

The game is called Relics, and there is a back story that provides a general history and individual stories for the four races involved, two more are being created and should be ready next year.

The four races are;

Britanan - The ones with the tricorns. These are basically puppets; little stitched-together-out-of-cloth-scraps sock people. Seemingly, the actual human race was largely destroyed in a cataclysmic magical attack and the army rebuilt in their image...sort of. There are some great models for this army, cavalry are centaur like puppets,

From the Relics Website

 there is a great human puppeteer figure

From the Relics website

and even a pack of sock-puppet attack hounds!

From the Relics tho hounds!

Its really an 18th C. army and society woven into a fantasy world....and why not? A lot of fun with some neat figures. These are from my own force, a unit of Troopers with a colour party of standard bearer and drummer..there is also a sergeant in there too. These are bigger armies with cheaper point values...but the whole force is still very small compared to many such games.

Then there are the Nuem. These are supposed to be the remains of a race tricked into slavery and melded with machines....its fantasy....get over it! Again, the figures are very nice and you can have a lot of fun with them....this is my force of Nuem so far...a few more to add but this is the core....not huge armies are they! A real bonus!!!!

My own Nuem...say hi guys...

Note that some are straight forward machines and others are more cyborgy...nice models all.

The other races are the Orcnar, a bit Troll like....orcy, if you army for those that like to smash and grab!

From the Relics website

From the Relics website

Then there are the Vaettir....the flower fairies of the Relics universe....sweet :)

From the Relics website

From the Relics website

From the Relics website

In all, these is a nice set of figures for a game that has some innovative rules, hits are scored by rolling doubles, for example. The games are compact, often using a small 3x3 table, and the armies of a sensible size. Of course you can go mad and build a 1000 point army but most games average 300 points; the Nuem stuff I have in the picture above, including the two units I still have to sort out (seven figures in all) covers that nicely. My first game is set for 25th of this month, against Andrew who, for some reason, has chosen a Vaettir force. This should be a lot of fun despite being a first game with new rules...Andrew soaks up rules and so much of the problem should be dealt with :) I even made Andrew a nice picture for his Vaettir...because I am nice.....