Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Worminators....the final act!

Round eight of Worminators! 

Both teams have a single worm remaining and the Interactive Combat Wormery has taken a pounding. The game starts with Death worm and the round system has now ended, replaced with a simple IGO-UGO system.

Twenty third move. Death fires his team's second Homing Missile at Screw You but, the weapon failed to make the final turn and crashed short of the target. More mess but no damage; Screw You's turn.

Twenty fourth move. Another Bazooka round from Screw You carves it's way under Death worm. Death worm's turn.

Twenty fifth move. Clearly concerned by the increasingly powerful tremors coming from the ground beneath him, Death worm decides to find somewhere else to stand. He makes his way westwards to the full extent of his available move. Screw You worm's go!

Bugger....another missing pic! Look, the worm wiggled his way to the left by about six inches...

Twenty sixth move. Right, another Screw You Bazooka round takes out another chunk out of the terrain. Soon there will be little for Death worm to stand on!

Twenty seventh move. Death worm fires a Homing Missile at Screw You but it fails to make the final turn! Screw You, go again little dude!

Twenty eighth move. Screw You continues his dastardly mission to get at Death worm from below, carving his way ever closer to the surface! Death worm's turn.


Twenty ninth move. Death worm nonchalantly saunters away from the noise....Screw You's turn.

Thirtieth move. Screw You launches his last Homing Missile, it passes the narrow gap (just) before making the first turn towards the target (again, just). A second turn is required and the missile only just makes it by one die pip! However, it does make all the required turn tests and hits Death worm head on, the explosion throws Death worm into the air and down onto lower terrain causing more damage. In total, Death worm receives 61 points of damage giving him a grand total of 101 damage points and killing him. The resulting death throw explosion drops the tombstone further down, leaving it on the edge of the wormery. 

GAME OVER - TEAM Drew Bader WINS!!! 

Congratulations Drew, well played. And well played too team Andrew Massoura, it was a close run thing. 

So there you go, experiment over. It worked, I found a few things to tweek and the players had a good time. The picture sizes and detail have been a bit of a problem when it comes to showing an on-line game to the public and players alike, they could also do with some annotation to. How much more fun would it be to see the path of the sheep?? 

I wonder what else this system would work for?

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